#1. The Reinvention of You Using The Law of Attraction

DESCRIPTION: For the first time ever, you’ll be handed secrets of reinvention to use in your life, and use them to transform the way you approach each and every day. Bob has poured his soul into creating a time-tested program that has one purpose: helping people transform their lives, and we look forward to you being a part of it.

– What it means to “Reinvent” Oneself
– Rewrite the Definition of YOU
– Preparing for Reinvention
– Using the Law of Attraction for Reinvention

1. You’re best known for your appearance in the film “The Secret” and your “Wealth Beyond Reason” program, but now you’re shifting your attention to the topic of Reinvention. Can you tell us why you’re doing that?
2. Why do you think there are so many people going through personal or professional reinvention?
3. How would a person know when it’s time for a reinvention.
4. What do you think is special about your approach to reinvention?
5. What if a person doesn’t have any clue about HOW they want to reinvent?
6. How specifically do you help people through their reinventions?
7. You recently have undergone a lot of life changes. Can you tell us more about those?
8. What is the greatest degree of reinvention you’ve experienced?
9. Can you share your favorite success story of one of your clients?
10. Is there a timeframe that it may take a person to experience reinvention or is this relative?


$97 Call With Bob Doyle
$197 The Reinvention of You Program ($397 Value)

#2. The Power of Passion

DESCRIPTION: Find and follow your passion and true reason for being. Learn what it is that you truly love and make this the essence of your life. Through the teachings of Bob Doyle, you will learn to never “work” another day in your life and love everything that you do!

– Understand your passion
– Find your reason for being (you may be surprised by what you discover!)
– Harness the power of this passion
– Learn the next action steps after this realization

1. What is the definition of “power of passion”?
2. What have been some of your clients’ greatest successes in working with you?
3. What are the key elements to experiencing power through passion?
4. How has this impacted your own life, and in turn the lives of the people around you?


$97 Call With Bob Doyle
$197 Wealth Beyond Reason Program ($347 Value)

#3.The Truth Behind the Law of Attraction

DESCRIPTION: Bob Doyle is one of the Law of Attraction experts featured in the world renown book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. Discover the secret in this miraculous presentation, during which Bob will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the LOA, as well as frequent misconceptions.

– The Law of Attraction explained from the source
– Learn how you can use the Law of Attraction to attract Love, Wealth, Happiness, and Health
– Tips and tricks to making this part of your everyday life
– Eliminate negative vibrations and increase the positive ones

1. Most people know you from the film “The Secret”, and your “Wealth Beyond Reason” program, both of which deal with the Law of Attraction. Which came first?
2. How did you end up teaching the Law of Attraction?
3. You explain the Law of Attraction a little differently than a lot of other teachers. How is your explanation different?
4. So many people report mixed results using what they’re learning about the Law of Attraction. Why does it seem to work well for some people and not for others?
5. If you had to list out the most important steps of making the Law of Attraction work for people, what would they be?
6. You’ve actually started to put a lot of attention on the topic of “Reinvention”. Can you explain why?
7. You mentioned the Wealth Beyond Reason program. What are some of the benefits your students have gotten from their time with the program?
8. How can someone get started with the program today?
9. What are the common misconceptions about the law of attraction?
10. What was the process like for being selected as an expert contributor to “The Secret”
11. Many people have read your story in “The Secret” but what other instances of the Law of Attraction can you share with us from your life?
12. What are the more frequently asked questions you receive about the Law of Attraction?
13. How has your life changed since the release of “The Secret”?
14. What is your best kept “secret” to the Law of Attraction?


$97 Call With Bob Doyle
$197 Wealth Beyond Reason Program ($347 Value)

#4. The Transformative Power of Play

DESCRIPTION: Remember when you were a child and anything was possible? You were silly and excitable, and had dreams big and small. Learn to balance the Power of Play in your life. You’ll get to know the playful side of Bob Doyle, while opening up your inner child to its original, authentic state.

– Find your inner child through the Power of Play
– Learn to leverage this power in all aspects of your life
– Leverage the Power of Play to find your passion
– Learn to dream again and attract fun and success

1. How does one lose the ability to play?
2. What can a person do to harness the Power of Play?
3. What can we do to keep the minds of our children open to playfulness?
4. Are there any dreams you’ve come back upon from when you were a child?
5. What did you want to be when you were a kid and why?


$97 Call With Bob Doyle
$197 Wealth Beyond Reason Program ($347 Value)